Mojo Native


Corey Abbott – Guitar, Vocals. Mojo, Songwriter and inspiration for the group. Happy to push his favoured Vox into that sacred place, sweet saturation territory. A man with a voice and a story to tell.

Jason Atkins – Drums. Can bend time if required; syncopated, percussive with a physical approach. The driving force within the band. Music production, arrangements. Leaves the kit in a pool of shredded timber.

Mark Gibson – Saxophone. At home blowing big solo’s or holding a note under a vocal line. A tasteful, melodic player who can move an audience.

Jake Uhlmann – Bass. Keeper of the low frequencies. Injects his own infectious brand of funk and groove into the mix. Leaves ‘the zone’ only when offered confectionery.

Peter Devine – Guitar, Vocals. Backup vocals and an integral part of the rhythm section. The ‘chime’ in the balance of time.





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